Improve your mental health and chronic menstrual pain management (PMS included) with personalised relaxing sounds and educational content to relief, rest, and focus, all synchronised to your menstrual cycle phase.

Moonai - Period Pain Relief and Mental Health App

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Better periods at your fingertips.

Improve your menstrual pain management, sleep patterns and mental health, all with just one app. 

Neuroscience-based and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach combined with ambient-drone soundscapes designed with love by our handpicked music producers & scientists.

  • Neuroscience-Based Sounds

    We have partnered with neuroscientists, music producers and top people in the field to offer you a proven, natural way to relief pain and improve your mental and physical health

  • Personalised Tracks

    Our variety of sounds guarantees that there will be one that is perfect for you, both for your goal and your taste in music. Just answer a few questions to help us and get started.

  • Exclusive Resources

    Our thousands of users can't be wrong. Register to Moonai and gain access to health, wellness, and all other sorts of resources for better sleep, pain management and focus.

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Lifetime Memberships

Moonai, the sound therapy app for period pain, is growing and our new version is coming out! Each month your partner, daughter, or loved one puts on a brave face with her menstrual cycle.

This is why, for a limited time, we are offering a lifetime deal to all the early birds. 

The deal includes:

  • New learning content on cycle synchronization (e.g. how to improve sleep, sexual wellness, or nutritional needs per cycle phases);

  • New sounds from hand-picked music producers;

  • New dynamic visuals to enhance the immersive experience, designed by hand-picked visual designers;

  • And more! 

Help us improve the app

We have a clear planon the new features, fixes and improvements we want to make. However, we know that our vision is not everything and we might be missing something. 

This is why we created a feedback form for you to be able to submit your thoughts, ask for updates and just shra with us how you would improve Moonai to keep helping women every day.

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