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The team, mentors &
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Born in Barcelona in 2022, Moonai is composed of individuals from around the world sharing the same passion for health, social impact, art, and music technology.

Let’s close the Gender Data Gap together.

Our Story

Organic hustlers thriving in chaos, Ivan and I (LJ) crossed paths in 2020 during a 72-hour startup hackathon. Instantly, we connected on a deep and dark humor level.

However, one of our team members experienced the onset of her menstrual cycle, causing her uterus to recreate the Vietnam War in her ovaries. She was unable to work, focus, and was in pain. Given the time-sensitive challenge we faced, napping was not an option, and she didn't want to rely on painkillers due to their drowsiness-inducing effects and disruption of her hormones.

While I have a background as a pharmaceutical business engineer, I have also delved into music technology, exploring the impact of music on my own ADHD-riddled brain. I even founded a music label in Paris called Guacamole. On the other hand, Ivi has experience in the life sciences industry, with an electro-mechanical technical background. In a previous life, he toured with bands as a sort of pop star from Buenos Aires, owning his own recording studio. He's anything but a humble Argentinian.

During our team member's difficult time, we firmly believed that the science of sound could help alter her perception of pain.

We developed a prototype that we tested with 131 women+. Astonishingly, not only did 80% experience reduced pain, but they also recommended it to 2 or 3 of their friends, prompting us to conduct further tests.

To be honest, we were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of our solution, which led to the birth of Moonai.

Our Vision

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We want to transform, for the better, the way we experience and view menstrual health. We believe everyone deserves to live pain-free and safely.

Our vision is to provide more options, choices, and effective solutions for millions of people with menstrual cycles, without any side effects, in an on-the-go and affordable manner. Because screw the lack of alternatives. It's 2023, time to make some changes.

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The secondary mission of Moonai is to highlight the importance of music and art. We strongly advocate for its "functional" aspect, which means using music for purposes beyond entertainment, such as health, education, and social impact.

For this reason, Moonai undertakes the mission to promote artists and partners who share the same beliefs and values. Power to the creators!

Our Team

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Laura-June Clarke / CEO & Founder

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Ivan Ferrigno / Head of Product & Founder

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Brendan Molloy / Head of Technology

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Georgia Taglietti / Strategy & Communication

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Carol Fung / Visual Creator

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Artemi Daniliuk / Marketing Analytics

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Julia Oona Gubba / Chief Medical Officer

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Agustina Gomez Gomez / Brand Director

Moonai - team

Rosa González García / Press & Dital Media Relations

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Nichola Finch / Growth Hacker

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Fernanda Aleman / Music Producer & Sound Experience Producer

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Kazam / Sound Designer

Our Advisors

Dr. Juan Sebastian Martin-Saavedra (Clinical Researcher, Expert in Music as dysmenorrhea for Primary Dysmenorrhea)
Phd Alan Harvey (Music, Neuroscience & NeurophysiologyAdvisor. Known for his work “Oxytocins & music”)
Dr. Brittany Baretto (FemTech Advisor & Women’s Medical Expert Founder of “Femtech Focus”)
Dr. Lee Bartel (Neuroscience & Sound Supervison.Known for his work “Music as Medecine”: sound at a cellular level)
Tom Middleton (Sound Engineering & Functional Music Advisor.Spatial & sleep music certified coach.Award-winning music producer & DJ)
Adam Hewett (AI-Music & Technology Advisor.Neuro-engineer, CEO of Evoked Response, Inventor of the neurotech behind
Sofia Muñoz (Strategic Fundraising AdvisorAWS, Facebook)
Cliff Fluet (Legal Advisor.New media intellectual property expert)
Kelly Vero (Gamification & User Acquisition AdvisorExpertise in mobile apps & games)

Techstars-lead mentors

Nore Eckerberg Techstars-lead mentor Strategy & Coaching. Family Office investor, CEO & founder in entreprise-grade AI and Crypto.
Laura Almenberg Strategy in product and service development. Chief Insights Officer at Dreams Sustainable
Fredrik Öhrström Tech & machine learning expert. IT consultant and founder.
Diogo Del Gaudio Product market-fit strategy. Founder at Trouble Makers, ex-VTNRS.
Ekaterina Garbaruk Monnot Product strategy. Product Lead at Spotify

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