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Did you know?
- 9 days of leave (absenteeism) at work are due to menstrual pain (MP).
- 82% of women+ feel their employer does not provide adequate consideration.
- 1 out of 4 women+ consider leaving their job for another that offers better consideration and awareness regarding MP.

Why does it matter? Menstrual pain directly impacts:
- Engagement
- Overall well-being

It's time to take action
- Create an Inclusive work environment
- Champion Corporate Social Responsibility (EU Agenda 2030 goals)
- Promote health, well-being, and gender equality
- Attract, retain, and engage talent

Contact us. Let's prioritize well-being and shape a workplace that embraces diversity, equity, and positive change.

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"Productivity loss due to menstruation-related symptoms: a nationwide cross-sectional survey among 32 748 women", 2019
"Female menstrual pain is still taboo -- Here’s how we can that", 2020

Women's Sport Clubs, Federation, & Female Athletes

"Female athletes are badass heroes.
Time to acknowledge the greatness"

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Did you know?
- Around 84% of female athletes face menstrual pain
- 40% of female athletes perceive side-effects due to arious hormonal contraceptives to reduce their menstrual pain
- 74% feels it influence their performance of aerobic fitness, muscle strength, mental sharpness, balance, and sleep quality.

Why it matters? Menstrual pain affects:
- Physical performance
- Endurance
- Recovery
- Pain threshold

Why us and how can we help? Empowering athletes together!
- Natural (hormonal-friendly) menstrual pain rools
- Educational resources
- Data analytics for your players, physicians, and coaches
- Monitor and achieve peak performance

A great timing!
EU Agenda 2030 prioritizes menstrual pain management
Gender equality initiatives support athlete well-being

Contact us. Let's enhance sports performance, break barriers, and support athletes in triumphing over menstrual pain.

"Perceived impact of the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptives on physical exercise and performance in 1,086 athletes from 57 sports" 2022
"Menstrual disorders and sport performance: A systematic review", 2015
"The prevalence and impact of menstrual dysfunction on athletic performance in female athletes", 2017

"The effect of the menstrual cycle on exercise metabolism: Implications for exercise performance in eumenorrhoeic women", 2003

Hospitals, Clinics, & Wellness Centres

"Harmonize Your Patients' Journey: Elevate Healing with the Art of Sound Therapy"

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Did you know?
- Music reduced pain perception post-surgery up to 21%
- Patients exposed to music during wound care reported 50% less pain compared to those without music.
- Listening to music before surgery can result in a 12% reduction in anxiety levels, reducing anxiolitic intake.
- Enhanced patient satisfaction & experience

How can we help you?
- Personalized approach: demography, timed interventions & other customization
- Science-backed & endorsed: Music therapists, composers, neuroscientists
- Client interface dashboard and report
- Data analytics

Flexible Pricing Options:
- Quotes per Minute
- Commission-Based Tracks

Contact us to provide a more holistic, non-intrusive and appreciate approach for pain modulation, anxiety and mood enhancer.

"Meta-analysis evaluating music interventions for anxiety and pain in surgery", 2018
"Does Listening to Music Improve Pain Perception and Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Cystoscopy", 2021
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"Sounds soothing - Music therapy for postoperative pain", 2010
"Music interventions for improving psychological and physical outcomes in cancer patients", 2016

Government, Research Centres, & Public Instituions

"Unlocking Potential, Redefining Norms:  A Society that Values Every Cycle"

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Governments and institutions leading change by initiatives.

Through menstrual health education, such as:
1. Comprehensive education to promote awareness and hygiene.
2. Accessible Menstrual Products
3. Effective Pain Management
4. Menstrual Leave Policies
5. Research and funding
6. Awareness: challenging stigma and advocating for policies.

Why does it matter?

Economic Impact: US: Annual cost of menstrual pain and productivity loss: $2 billion. In the UK: Estimated annual cost of menstrual-related absenteeism: £530 million.
Societal influence: in Australia: Half of women with dysmenorrhea experience a negative impact on daily life.
Environmental concerns: Menstrual pain leads to increased medication usage and waste.

A Shared Responsibility for Progress
Contact us to be part of a collective efforts signify a global acknowledgment of the importance of menstrual health, promoting women's well-being, and paving the way for a brighter, pain-free future.

- Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy
- American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
- Journal of Pain Research

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A few figures

88% of women+ experience menstrual pain
Source: Journal of Women's Health

30% of those with menstrual pain struggle in social activities
Source: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

16% face depression alongside menstrual discomfort
Source: British Journal of General Practice

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